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even&odd gives favourite outfits a home in its online shop. Since 2012, the fashion brand has been splicing the attitude of the Instagram generation with anything that makes life a little more awesome. From glam to bam and back again: Whether belting out earworms with your besties, stirring up the dancefloor with your girl crew and dancing the night away in a LBD – or busting some cool moves at home, sneaking peeks at the mirror while cleaning out your wardrobe … With even&odd, anything goes. Follow your style, it’s up to you!

even&odd: from glam to bam and back again

The Spring/Summer 2016 collection comes with anything you need for this summer’s #bffmission – head-to-toe California vibes included. Whether road trip, lakeside bliss, festival fun or a break with the girls: even&odd has just the right shoes, accessories, denim faves and everyday items to spruce up your life. After all, fashion should be fun and let you reinvent yourself whenever you like. That’s where even&odd comes in with plenty of mix-it-up outfits and inspirations.

#bffmission is more than just a hashtag. It’s all about best friends and their stories. It’s about your style, your adventures, girl power and everything else that makes life so special. That’s why our even&odd blogazine features stories by girls for girls. With plenty of trends, styles, fitspo and Instagram heart-eyes.

Trends, outfits & inspiration – even&odd has what you need

Want to discover different ways to combine brand new items and all-time faves – and which ones should make a beeline for your dresser? Our crew tries all the combos and styles for you. From workout to move of the day – we treat you to quick&easy healthy food fixes or some great motivation tweaks. Need inspiration for workout styles? Our athletic line even&odd active has what it takes. Then there’s our blogazine travel guides where intrepid even&odd explorers take on the world’s metropolises, ready to share what people are reading, wearing and listening to in these go-to cities.

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